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The University of Texas Charter School

The on-campus educational program is provided by The University of Texas through its University Charter School system. The district is approved by the Texas Education Agency and every teacher holds special education certification. It provides a counselor, support consultants, teachers and instructional aides to meet the student’s social, academic and career needs.

The school is designed to help children and adolescents successfully reach academic goals while stabilizing inappropriate behaviors. Classes are designed for self-paced, individualized instruction with no more than 12 students per room. Curriculum and instruction accommodate students who enter at various times with wide-ranging needs, and allow them to be successful academically. Upon returning to public schools, many students find success because of the support and flexibility of this education instructional model.

Using the latest software and equipment, and utilizing the capabilities and resources of the University of Texas, the school offers comprehensive clinical analysis, accredited academics and competency-based diploma programs.

Pre-Vocational Training

Pre-vocational work focuses on job-readiness skills. Guided activities that take place in the vocational building include sequential assembly, woodworking, office and computer skill training, horticulture and employment exploration. Life skills, a seasonal gift shop, multiple workstations and charitable fundraising are a few of the other areas explored in vocational work. Pre-vocation emphasizes decision making, problem solving and task completion.