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Behavioral Health Specialists

Texas NeuroRehab Center provides integrated neurobehavioral residential treatment services for children and adolescents who may be facing a wide range of behavioral, social and learning difficulties.
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Residential Neurobehavioral Services

Texas NeuroRehab Center works with boys and girls ages 8-17 with IQs that fall between 40-90. They may be facing a combination of complex medical, behavioral, social and learning difficulties.

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Educational Opportunities

Children and adolescents can pursue academic goals during treatment when they attend our on-campus educational program, The University of Texas Charter School.

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Occupational Therapy/Sensory Integration Therapy

The occupational therapy team provides skilled evaluation and treatment with an emphasis on developmental skills (sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills), independent living skills and psychosocial skills.


The primary goal of residential treatment for youth is to promote appropriate interaction and behavior to allow for discharge to a less restrictive setting. Family and friends are involved throughout the treatment process to share effective approaches and meet common goals. An integrated treatment team works to create individualized, multifaceted strategies that guide the treatment process. It is through this approach that necessary developmental, social and independent living skills are learned.

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The professionals at Texas NeruoRehab Center are experts in stabilizing and managing the features of autism, and providing alternative strategies for greater functioning. Our multidisciplinary team includes a licensed clinical director, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, 24-hour nurses, rehab techs, dieticians, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists and special education teachers.

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Once an initial assessment is complete, Texas NeuroRehab Center identifies individual characteristics, abilities and areas that need improvement to formulate a personalized treatment plan. A number of specialized therapies may be implemented in treatment including occupational therapy, sensory integration and speech and language therapy.

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Patient Stories

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Cognitive Behavioral Approach and Treatment Environment

The Cognitive Behavioral Approach used by Texas NeuroRehab Center consistently improves and promotes appropriate behaviors. Routine, predictability and consistency lay the groundwork to improve coping skills, activities of daily living and tolerance to transitions. All staff at Texas NeuroRehab Center that interact with children and adolescents are trained in Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (SAMA), and recertified every six months.The Satori method aims to prevent aggression from becoming harmful. The emphasis of the course focuses on verbal de-escalation in all interactions.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Professionals at Texas NeuroRehab Center are experts in stabilizing and managing the features of autistic disorder, and providing alternative strategies for greater functioning. A multidisciplinary team is best for treatment of children on the autism spectrum.

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Specialized Therapies

Our comprehensive program features individual, group and family therapy, neuropsychological testing, pre-vocational classes, recreational therapy, sensory integration within the occupational therapy department, speech and physical therapy as well as child and adolescent psychiatrists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our services? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about admissions, programs, and other helpful information.

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The Joint Commission Seal
Licensing & Accreditation

Texas NeuroRehab is committed to providing the highest level of quality care to our patients. The Joint Commission’s gold seal of approval on our website shows that we have demonstrated compliance to the most stringent standards of performance, and we take pride in our accreditation.

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Featured Video

Message by Tere Sariol, Senior OT

Doctors and staff are trained on how to help patients re-learn motor and sensory skills they need to return to their homes, jobs, or schools. Learn more by watching the video above.

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